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           Smartbox is a UTM Box project that shown basic structure in below; but I want to mentioned about the story of the project first;

           It's developed by me and Ali YILMAZ (LCD Panel I/O Module) in 2009 to use for the remote offices the logistics company that I was working for to meet the needs of the day. We had about 220 Franchise Offices and we were using a normal product from public market. There were ADSL Interface, FW feature, IPSec VPN feature. We got a very good price for the product when beginning of the project because of our volume, about 200 devices!. The problem is that we lost price opportunity in time. Time to time we need some new devices for some new remote offices but It wasn't available anymore because of It was end of sale. The new product was so expensive, about 3 times more than our first best price. We want to look at some more feature on the device to explain why we have much more expensive pricing, for exmaple 3G was very good feautre in 2009 but we could not find a proper product which has ADSL+3G interfaces as well as FW+IPSec features. Finally I decided to developt my own product!

           Actually I already started to working on the box for a different purpose and changed the some funtions quickly according to current needs and we have the smartbox! I developed 10 boxed in 2009. Distribute 7 of them to the some remote offices. We used those 7 devices for 5 years without any issue. It was fantastic and enjoy personally. It has many critical features which never has on normal market devices. Imagine, it was like a dress sewn for us. (because it was :) ) For example, we were managing all of the devices centrally, don't want to share auth information of the device with local people but It was an issue when ADSL username/password changed by ISP, because somebody should login the devices to update the new ADSL auth information. I can define a second user to login to device interface but the second user can update ADSL auth information only. I added an LCD Display monitor at the front of the device and show some basic logs on it, any person on the location able to tell us about device status on phone. It was also another good oppurtunity during the troubleshooting.

           I had only 1 issue during the 5 years; I forget define a limit value for the logs of the device. In one day, one of the device memory reached to full! (I mentioned Disk On Module instead of memory actually.) then I distribute an update to all devices, able to define a limitation on the management interface after the update.

  • - Configuration:
      Configuration is a text file that contain all settings information of the device. You can restore of the device when you copy Operating System into a new Hardware.
  • - WAN Manager:
      WAN Manager is a part of the SmartBox code that checking the connectivity to the HQ. It's establishing the VPN Tunnel and keep connected device to the HQ location. Manage the IpSec and generate alert If fail any step.
  • - Interface Controller:
      the Interface Controller part is follow up the 3G status and ADSL status constantly. Bring up the 3G connection If ADSL fail according to Configuration If set to "auto backup" mode.
  • - MAIN Controller:
      The Main Controller is manage the all modules also checking everything of Linux to understand everything is progressing as expected or not. Can say that It's heart of the SmartBox.
  • - Linux OS:
      Debian based minimal linux OS, the DOM Hard Disk is total 512 MBtyes size already.
  • - DOM:
      DOM (512 MB): DiskDOM 512: Disk On Module. Industrial version of SSD - Hard Disk. Everything store into here. Operation System, SmartBox code, configuration and all logs.
  • - HW:
      It's all Hardware like main board, cpu, ram, disk, ports, etc.
  • - LPT Port:
      LCD Display is fixed to main board directly, not use the usual socket. Use this port to send message characters as bytes and simple instead of bits.
  • - Two lines LCD Display:
      Two lines, LCD Display panel which able to show the alert messages on the front of the SmartBox devices. It's so helpful for quick troubleshooting.
  • - Log Manager:
      The module manage the logging according to log setting in the configuration. It gets the logs from the other modules, write into log file and also send some of the messages to the Displan Controller module.
  • - Display Controller:
      The module establish connection to the LCD Display hardware. Send the alert messages to the LCD Display when gets alert messages from Log Manager.
  • - UPS 3G Modem:
      It's usual 3G modem which is connected to USB port that inside of the SmartBox case as hidden from the outside of box.
  • - USB Port:
      Using only to connect the 3G modem, inside of the SmartBox case.
  • - Ethernet Interface:
      Bridge Mode Connection, DSL profile - also ppp interface - defined on Smartbox code, in linux
  • - Mini ADSL Modem:
      Only DSL encapsulation running here, there is no DSL profile and Layer3 executions on the ADSL modem
  • - Central Management Application:
      It's central management application which is running on a different platform to manage all the devices remotely, around the network. It's best choise If to do same operation on the several devices or all of the devices.
  • - Web Based Management Interface:
      It's Web based management Interface of the device. Needs login to access the content; can see all status and log information also change configuration / setting when logged in the web page.
  • - ADSL Manager:
      This module is responsbile for all ADSL operations, checking status, disconnect or connect to the GSM network.
  • - ADSL Controller:
      The module is responsible for ADSL modem management. It loads ADSL profile, establish connection to the ISP.
  • - 3G Manager:
      This module is responsbile for all 3G operations, checking status, disconnect or connect to the GSM network.
  • - 3G Controller:
      The module is responsible for 3G modem management.
  • - VPN Manager:
      VPN Manager is responsible to IpSec setting and and tunnel daemon.
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