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           Basically, we want to measure the angle value of the rope whilte targeting to north star. Throughout the history, people were using some different devices which have same methodology with the our Astrolabe but to be honest much more capable ones. I used easiest shape here to understand clearly and easy with my Elif.

           Best example for the more capable devices should be "sextant". Our famous seaman, Sadun BORO used to use a sextant like this during the his world tour started at 1965. He was using only tradational observation methodies witout any electric / electronic devices, let's talk about this world tour little bit first, than continue the our example.

           He had a wooden boat that 10,5 meters long called KISMET. It's currently exhibited in the Koç Museum in the Istanbul/Haliç. (In the meantime, I strongly recommend you visit this museum.) As I said, He never use any electric/electronic device for navigationi only use sextant. by the way, "navigation" is not an application name or application category on smartphones! also older than GPS. This word is much more older than smartphones. Navigation means determine the your location where are you in the world. It's actually very special calculation process. You just calculate the your coordinates where are you on the world.

           Sadun BORO never has any problem while the world tour with traditional observation, even he has really exceptional successfully. One of the best example is about crossing the atlantic ocean. I'll add this stroy in my web somewhere later...

           Now, what have we done?

           First of all, we searched the angle meter images in the search engine and selected a proper one and printed it in two A4 size. Then we put it on a cardboard. Actually We used a photoblock instead of cardboard, It's very practical and easy material. Then we again folded a few sheets of A4 paper, beautifully rolled, and got a pipe like this. Then put the pipe on the block. Finally, we plug a screw into the middle of the block, hook it up, and put a small piece of lead on the tip of the rope. We now have our Astrolabe ready.

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