About Me
Private Projects
           LMON - Smart Network Manager / Configuration tracker
           SmartBox - all In One Router, VPN, ADSL, 3G Firewall
           WAN circuits Utilization tracker, alert generator
           SystemRoom temperature tracker
           Build custom Linux to use as Dummy Terminal OS
                     Pascal Triangle
                     CPU Simulation (2 bits Adder)
                     CPU Simulation (8 bits Adder)
                     IP Subnet Calculator
                     Bursa Bike Tour Records
                     Some Alternative Routes
           Model Boat Construction
                     Kuzu Construction Photos
                     Test Diriving of Kuzu in the Marmara
                     Side-wheeler boat construction
                     Life Boat
           Science/Toys - have fun with my daugthers
                     Stone House construction experiment
                     Shadow Game / Hacıvat-Karagöz game
                     Movie Machine with a smart phone
                     Aircraft construction experiment
                     Aircraft construction experiment - 2
                     Aircraft construction experiment - 3
From my keyboard
           IT related articles - In my are of expertise
                     How to connect Juniper Netscreen with a Perl Script
                     How to Connect Cisco Router with Perl Scripts
                     How to connect Cisco Router with PHP Script
                     making a ThinClient OS with pxeboot support
                     How to follow up temperature of system room
                     Define virtual machines using VboxManage command
                     How to configure site to site VPN profile on Linux
                     DHCP server configuration on Linux
                     Bash examples on ifconfig, grep and awk
                     Installing the mrtg and the auto analyzer script
                     read ip address of linux interfaces
                     Using dynagen & dynamips for multible cisco router simulation
                     How to create dynagen network topology with multible dynamips service
                     A web interface for Virtualbox: phpvirtualbox
           The comments that out of IT - Outside my area of expertise
                     will be uypdated later...
My Personal Web Page - ReNewing period...